Hello! I am a recent graduate of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, with a degree in English Literature. I have three seasons of experience teaching game design, coding, and level design to students of all age groups with iD Tech Summer Camps.

I have a love of narrative and, from a young age, I’ve been writing stories about strange and unsettling moments that displace ordinary life. I have a fascination with creating worlds that look like our own reflected in a foggy mirror, where a dash of supernatural recontextualizes how we see our lives. I think the work speaks better of itself than I ever could, so please, if you have a chance, read some of my short stories in the “Writing” section.

I also have a deep passion for video games. Though game design is a passion I more recently started pursuing, I’ve always loved to play, study, and analyze games. I want to create elegant games with simple, understandable systems that nonetheless lead to incredible depth. I believe the true strength of video games is the ability to tell immersive, moving stories through moments rather than words.

Please enjoy exploring this site, which I designed myself.

Portrait of a Young Boy Alone in a Snow Covered Park

Portrait of a Cliffside Town lit by Lantern Light

Portrait of Two Soldiers Chasing a Flare at Dawn

Portrait of a Girl on a Tree-Lined Street in October

72-Hour Shooter was a personal challenge project of mine. The goal was to create a functional, complete (in the sense of having both win and lose states) game within a given timeframe. The game features three enemy types, two firing modes, a screen-clearing bomb, a wave-based progression, and a boss fight at the end. You can go ahead and give it a try here: [Download link]

Please look forward to information on more games being added here in the future.


Nolan Joseph

Phone: (703) 531-9125

Email: no4@umbc.edu