Oktober is hard to describe. It's a web novel, and it's free, the entirety of the story is hosted here on VAKinc.com. I don't intend to ever get Oktober published, I'm just distributing it through the internet here. But beyond the whole web aspect, Oktober is still odd due to it's format. Each chapter is told four times, once from the prespective of each main character. And to complicate things, no two characters tell the story exactly the same. This format allows for me to easily update content, since each update doesn't neccessarily need to be the full chapter, just a fourth of it. I intend to update Oktober every Friday, and if I find that I have more time on my hands, I might start updating twice a week.

So, let's actually summarize Oktober real quick. Oktober is, on the surface, a story about four people thrown in to a series of bizzare situations together. However, as time goes on, things start to become less and less grounded in reality. Because of the way I am distributing Oktober, I'm left with a lot of room for adaptablity. With a physical novel, you have to have a set beginning, a set end, and a linear plot. But I'm not giving you the full copy here, Oktober is released in bits and pieces, which means it can go on for however long I wish it to. And I can add many more subplots, detours, characters, settings, etc. than I would be able to in a regular novel. I don't have to leave things set in stone, is my point.

So, really, this about section has just been talking about the content system rather than Oktober itself. You should really just read the preface if you want a description. Anyway, one last thing before I stop. Any type of feedback you can give, criticism, gushing compliments, death threats, it's all appreciated. Just click on that little "Forum" button there, and let me know what you think.

-Vak Beacon

P.S. Do you like TV Tropes?! I do!