Chapter 2: Matthias


The beast's vile, suckered appendages rose into the air, waving like ungodly, alien trees sprouting out of the ocean. It's body lay beneath the surface, unseen, making each of its tentacles seem to be an entity of its own, causing the situation to be all the more menacing. There was screaming near me, and shouting, undoubtedly someone asking me to explain what was happening. But there was no time for that, we had to move fast. I grabbed the individual next to me, not even aware of who it was, and pulled them down to the deck with me, and behind a cargo container that was secured to the deck of the Arcturus.

Natasha hadn't wasted a single second, she had already emptied a clip of her handgun into the Kraken, though it had little, if any, effect on the creature. I yelled to her, ordered her to find Katie and bring us weapons. I turned to assign orders to Daphne, but she had already gone. She was off in the distance, calling back, explaining she was going to find the captain and ready the lifeboats for evacuation.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! MATTHIAS, I'D LIKE SOME ANSWERS PLEASE!” Nick screamed, he was the one I had grabbed. Rather than answering him, I gave him my pistol, and one order.

“Shoot,” I said. Nick seemed to grasp the seriousness of the situation and accepted the gun without another word. Renard was already unloading his revolver into the closest tentacle, though it was hardly more effective than Natasha's attempt had been. I chased after Daphne, leaving the other three to their own devices. There was a cry of protest from one of them, but it didn't even register in my mind until a full minute later.

The boat rocked, violently. I was thrown to my left, slamming hard into a shipping container. Arcturus creaked and moaned and wailed, horribly, gut-wrenching. The boat leveled off, and I threw myself forward, out of the maze of shipping containers. Daphne was running up a flight of iron stairs that lead to the bridge. I called to her, but my voice was stolen by the tearing of metal. Once again, I was thrown to the side, except this time there was no container to catch me. I slide down the deck, clawing in an animalistic panic. I caught a rail, and clung to it. My legs dangled over the edge, in the the abyss of the gray-black ocean. Beneath the water, enormous, loathing, and vicious, the shadow of the Kraken flickered and waved, like a black flame.

The source of the horrible metallic sound became apparent, a tentacle had punctured the hull of the ship at the midway point, and the Kraken was attempting to lift the Arcturus out of the water with that single appendage. Our ship was folding like paper. Apparently, the weight was too much for the Kraken, and it set us back down. A tiny portion of the beast's body poked above the surface, the size of an island itself, but only the tip of the iceberg that was this being. It's body was horrible, writhing, covered in slime, and in eyes. Every inch of it covered in miniscule, human eyes, each one darting every possible direction, studying us.

I pulled myself back onto the deck of the Arcturus, onto safety, and ran for the stairs. Daphne had been clutching the railing, nearly thrown to her death as I had been. She saw me, and yelled something inaudible, then continued her ascent. I was on her tail, crossing the deck in seconds, and flying up the stairs in leaps and bounds. By the time she reached the bridge, I was right behind her. She threw open the door.

“WHAT IS THAT, OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?!” screamed the captain, his face ghostly white, like clenched knuckles. His entire body convulsed with disgust and horror.

“It's a bad thing, and we need to get away from it,” Daphne said, “How do we get off this ship? Where are the lifeboats?”

“Its eyes, its eyes... so many...” the captain wheezed, his eyes looking just beyond Daphne, fixated on the monstrosity in the distance. Daphne grabbed him by his collar and threw him against the wall.

“FOCUS. How do we get off the ship? Where are the lifeboats?” she said, maintaining a steady, yet volatile voice.

“No boats. He said... he said to get rid of them, I should've known...” the captain sobbed. Daphne froze, an expression of pure shock and terror on her face.

“Who. Said.”

“He said... he said I'd just have to transport...”


“Him! That businessman! Mr. Rousseau!” Daphne dropped the captain to the floor and whipped out her Colt Forty-Five and pressed it to his head, straddling the blubbering man, pinning his arms with her legs.

“WAIT! WAIT!” he pleaded, “There is a chopper! At the stern of the ship! I can take you there! I can fly you out!”

“Matthias,” Daphne said, venomously.

“Yes?” I responded.

“Natasha can fly a helicopter, right?”


The Captain's brains were splattered across the bridge. Without another word, Daphne broke into a full run, out and down the stairs. I followed without hesitation, I already knew where she was going. She was heading towards Katie to gather Natasha, and then she was heading for the chopper. I jumped the last five steps, tripping and skidding across the deck as a terrible blow was dealt to the hull. It had started rain, heavy rain, each drop the size of a golfball, everything was slick, drenched, and freezing, and in a matter of seconds, so was I. I veered away from Daphne, if she was after Natasha I needed to find the others. Luckily for me, they were emerging from container hell themselves, panicked and calling desperately for me.

“MATTHIAS!” Smith screamed, “WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!”

“There is a chopper at the rear of the ship! Run!” was my reply. Daphne had disappeared into the shadows of the containers. I prayed we had enough time. “RENARD!” I called, the trickster whipped around, “FOLLOW HER!” He obeyed without question.


“IT'S THE KRAKEN!” I answered.


“NO!” A tentacle raised itself high above the Arcturus, reaching into the sky. The monster was going to slice the boat in half, it was right above us, covering us in its shadow. And then it began to fall.

“RUN!” I yelled. We sprinted back towards the bridge, sliding like idiots, Smith lost his footing and was sent skidding into the bridge tower. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see the tentacle connect with the deck. The Arcturus split, the violence of the impact throwing us all to the ground and shifting the deck to a forty-five degree angle. Smith grabbed the railing of the stairs, and Nick grabbed Jones, but I had nothing. I slide, heart-racing, mind-blank, blood turned to pure adrenaline. A single steel bar protruded from the jagged, splintered edge of the Arcturus, I grabbed it. My shoulder was ripped from its socket, and I was left dangling from the ship.

Then, in that moment where I was sure that I was dead, that there was absolutely nothing that could make the situation any worse... the Kraken screamed. The noise made blood boil, awful and otherworldly, fading into nothing but an alien gurgle as the Kraken was dragged back underwater. I watched the shadow of the monster zip away from the ship, deep underwater, moving faster than it ever could move on its own. It was being dragged by something else, another shadow.

A gargantuan shadow.

Something so unfathomably huge that the monstrous Kraken was dwarfed by it. Something huge, like a primordial god. Earth-crushingly huge. With a jaw that could swallow cities, and a body that could constrict the Earth. Something immense and powerful, like a sun, and evil like death incarnate.

Something very, very, very, very, very big.

The thing that had been awakened by the Lure.

The Leviathan.

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