Chapter 2: Jones

10/26/07 (Still)

Alright last time I write an entry for today, I promise. So, I introduced Renard to Matthias, made him do a card trick and stuff. Renard made Matthias' card disappear from the deck, but M wasn't too impressed. To be frank, neither was I. So we went out in the hallway and Renard made a bet that he could call an elevator by rolling an apple. Matthias took him up on it, and Renard tossed an apple randomly. Some hotel employee tripped on the apple and fell backwards on a cart, the cart was propelled into another employee who was holding a pitcher of coffee. Coffee flew through the air and scalded some power patron who ran frantically down the hall, knocking over some luggage causing a domino effect with the suitcases, and the last one hit the elevator's down button. But get this, the elevator was already on our floor. Renard is like a walking Rube Goldberg machine of death or something.

So, we went back inside our room and talked for a bit. I'm surprised that we weren't interrupted by a coffee-covered hotel employee that wanted to have a word with us. Once we had Matthias convinced, he instantly switched into plotting mode. Seriously, I had to do a double-take at one point because for a moment I thought I had stepped into Ocean's 11. It's actually a bit morally conflicting this whole thing, because essentially, Matthias is planning to rip off various casinos, and I'm going to be an accomplice. Then I realized, I'm a rockstar, this stuff is my schtick. So now I figure I'll just put on a shirt with an Anarchy symbol and roll with things.

Matthias kicked us out of the room when he had finished talking to us, under the pretense that he needed to talk to Natasha. Why we weren't allowed to overhear what he had to say to her, I do not know, and part of me says I don't want to know, so I didn't really complain. Nick, Renard, and myself spent the rest of the day browsing shops and pretty much checking out Las Vegas.

Tonight we went and saw Ka, it was a fancy Cirque du Soleil show, very impressive, except for the fact that Matthias, Renard, and Natasha were talking through the whole thing. To be honest, as impressive as it all was, that wasn't really my scene. Watching people flip around and stuff for that long, it gets a bit... dull. I guess I'm just not as 'cultured' as I need to be to enjoy it.

When we got back to the hotel, Matthias briefly discussed the plan for tomorrow, just making sure I was clear on everything. I'm going to be in charge of creating disguises for everyone (I purchased some outfits and hair dye while I was out today). Everything is all set, we've got a getaway lined up, and, etc. I'll write more when I can, right now I need to sleep.

Editorial Note: When we found this entry, we were fairly disappointed. It was very short, and considering how much information Matthias and Natasha had provided, it seems like Smith would have had more to talk about. Nick also seemed oddly quite in his Vegas entries, though in his case we believe he was worried about incriminating himself with his entries. More bizarre was the coded message in Jones' entry, for those of you who haven't noticed, there are six blue letters that are not K's, together they spell out "heLp me", the capitalization is most likely irrelevant, but the message itself is disturbing. No further entries were made in Smith's journal for quite a while, meaning that we were missing a link in Oktober's story. Until about a week ago, that is, when we started receiving letters from an anonymous mailer. The letters were written by Smith, to someone called "S", clearly they had been intercepted and saved, or "S" has decided for whatever reason to send them to us. Either way, they provide valuable insight. An image of the first letter is available below, as well as a typed copy. We've also included a copy of a typewritten journal entry for Oktober 28th that was sent to us with the letter.



I'm real sorry I haven't been writing to you for the past few days, I've been... things have been interesting. I'm in Las Vegas, don't worry, I'm being good. Well, mostly, I'm in with some characters, and... Alright, let me get to the point. I got some cash, a lot of cash, and more is on the way. Don't ask how, I know you won't like it. You know how I am, love, you know I wouldn't do anything wrong. No drugs or murder or that, you know me, right? So, I know you have it hard over there, especially since I left, and if you need me to send you some money your way, I could, you know, a couple thousand. It's just a thought...

I've been good, but I miss you and M everyday. How's my brother been? Is he taking care of you two alright? I hope he's not still angry at me, I can't stand fighting with him, it makes me sick. Tell him I bought him a gift, I sent it a while ago but I don't know how long it's gonna take to reach him. Tell M I love her alright, tell the band that they better not suck as much as they do when I get back.

I don't want to have to tell you this, but... listen don't get worried, have some faith in me okay, but, I think I'm running with a rough crowd. There's this thing, not really a gang, just a group I'm with, called "Projekt Oktober", dunno why. It's just me and three other people, but none of them really do much to improve my confidence in them, if you catch my drift. There's Nick, and he's a pretty alright dude, I can jive with him, but he's pretty depressed y'know? Not the type you want to hang out with if you're trying to cheer yourself up. But the other two, man, I dunno. There's Matthias, the little leader of Oktober, and he just keeps becoming more and more of a creep. Seemed nice enough when I met him, but now, I don't even know. He doesn't bat an eye at anything, and I mean, I've been seeing some pretty out-there stuff with him. Then he just pulled off this massive plot that he threw together in a few days, he's definitely crossing into a territory I'm not real comfortable with. And Natasha, she's this chick that's hanging with us (before you get worried, lemme tell you she's a real ice queen, you can chill), she's just flat out disturbing. I mean honestly, dresses in almost all black and red everyday, barely says a word. And Russian, she's Russian, do you remember my rule? "Never work with Russians"? I don't care if it's racist they just creep me out.

I've been keeping a journal, but, I'm afraid to write in it any more. In my last entry, I tried to include as little detail as possible, make it seem like I've lost interest in keeping it up so it's not suspicious when I stop writing in it altogether. I have a feeling someone is reading my journal, and my money is on Natasha. She has a real spook vibe to her, I think I heard Matthias say she was ex-KGB at one point. Ex-KGB, what the hell am I doing hanging out with Ex-KGB?

This is a lot to lay on you, I know. Just trust that I'm doing everything that I am so that I can get back to you, okay? I'll write you a lot more in the meantime, everyday if I can swing it. I need someone to talk to, you know? Don't feel like you need to write back, I don't even think you can, I'm gonna be on the move so much... Just know we won't be apart much longer, I'm coming back soon.


[REDACTED] 10-28-07

Someone is reading my journal, I'm sure of it. Twice I've found it in a different place or position than where I had left it, plus the pages are slightly crumpled, as though someone had turned them a bit too fast in an effort to read it all quickly. I think that it was probably [REDACTED]. On second thought, I don't want to write their name, in case they happen to find this entry.

We just stopped to stay the night in a motel in a small town. I left the others under the pretense that I was going to try and find a bar, they're all too exhausted to spend the night out partying. At first, I went to a local library, and I was able to type up a letter to [REDACTED], but they kicked me out before I could write this entry. Anyway, I found this old typewriter just lying in an alley and decided to see if it worked, surprisingly enough it does. I think when I'm through with it I'll give it to Nick, but to be honest I can type a lot faster than I can write, my handwriting is awful.

I'm rambling, it's because I'm nervous. I don't have any idea what I was thinking when I decided to do this. I don't know anyone in "Oktober", they all give me the creeps, even Nick sometimes. Renard ditched us after the our little adventure in Vegas, it's a real shame, I liked him. Drove off into the sunrise in a Ferrari, some people have all the luck.

So here's the thing that's really bugging me. The trunk, Katie's trunk. Something is up with it, I have no idea what, I can't even describe what's wrong there, but it's pretty obvious that Matthias and Natasha have some secret about it that they don't want us to know. They tried to pass it off as a joke back when they first told me and Nick not to touch it, but...

Katie's license plate is "VB-636", 636 again. I've noticed a pattern with 636; if you exclude the first few times, it [REDACTED] marker, or something. I don't know how to describe it, but the room number for our hotel was 636, the last three digits of the total, exact amount Renard won in Vegas is 636. I think in some way Natasha and Matthias might [REDACTED] what the deal with that is, it seems like it didn't really start cropping up until a bit before I met them.

Things really aren't so clear for me right now, between this whole 636 thing, and Renard, and even Nick is a bit weird with his being able to make people do what he says. When we were in Vegas, he managed to buy everything he wanted to for half-price, just by asking. Maybe it was a combination of his and Renard's... talents? I don't know. And I have no idea how I'm going to get answers, and all this is starting to be a little much for me. I've just got one hunch, and no idea how I'm going to follow it, but I need to find a way to see what's in Katie's trunk.

[REDACTED] It's worrying. [REDACTED] I can't let that all get to me though, I've got to keep trying to move on. [REDACTED] I don't know how much I trust him though.

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