Chapter 4: Matthias


"Let me describe to you how this all ends. Your daughter is getting ready for her performance. She's nervous, after all, you'll be there. She wants to look good for her daddy, she wants to impress him. She's backstage with her friends. Her anxiety dissipates when she sees a strange man come into the room. He talks briefly with the teacher, then goes over to lovely little Michelle. He says he is a friend of her father. Around this time, one of the girls realizes that the doors of the auditorium are locked.

"The man then gathers the attention of everyone in the auditorium. Mostly children, three or four teachers. He tells them that they are going to die, and produces a gun. Panic ensues, but control of the situation is rapidly regained when a gunshot is fired into the air. The man tells them that England has been invaded by the same force that has been toppling nations globally for the past month. This will be true, they should be at this stage right about now actually. Tears will start to flow, and the teachers will try to reason. The man will shoot one in the head. Panic again, and once again control is regained when the man hold the gun to the head of another teacher and asks for silence.

"Now, he tells all the girls and boys, your daughter's classmates, to line up. Then he tells the teachers to line up with them. He does not let your daughter line up though, he keeps her with him. He then gives her the gun, and tells her to kill her classmates and teachers. One by one. To go down the line. She does not take the gun. She sobs, she pleads, then she yells and screams, but she does not take the gun. One of the auditorium doors is unlocked, and two men clad in black come in with a woman who is bound and gagged.

"This woman is your wife. They put a gun to her head and tell your daughter that if she does not kill her classmates, they will kill her mother in front of her, then kill her classmates, then kill her. If she agrees however, they will let her and her mother go. So, horrified, devastated, disbelieving, your daughter takes the gun. If she turns it on the men, her mother dies. If she turns it on her self, her mother dies. So she does the only thing she can. She points at her classmate, the first one in line, and fires.

"The classmate drops dead, he skull burst like a pinata. Your daughter falls to the ground, sobbing, begging. The man kicks her, grabs her by the scruff of her neck, and puts the gun back in her hand. She takes aim again, and with a loud crack, kills another classmate. Your wife, of course, cannot stand watching this. She tries to struggle against her captors, but this fails. She does realize though, that she can bite her tongue. Willing to give her own life to protect the innocence of her daughter, and driven mad with horror, she bites her own tongue. Hard. The blood fills her mouth, and she bites her cheek, and more blood floods in. She begins to choke, and by the time that your daughter claims the life of her fifth classmate, your wife chokes on the chunk of her tongue she bit off, and the blood in her mouth. She drops dead.

"The man grabs your daughter's hand, and forces her to pull the trigger on the remaining classmates and teachers. Then the bombs go off. Four major sections of the school are reduced to dust in seconds, and the Rousseau International death squads search the rubble, killing any would-be survivors. But your daughter is left alive. She is brought out into the open, among the rubble of her school. She is bound, and gagged, and stripped, and a gun is put to her head. Files are driven under her fingernails and her toes are cut off. Pins are stuck into her, in just the right spots so that they don't cause any blood loss, but they poke nerve clusters, sending convulsions of pain through your daughter.

"This is when you show up. The missing piece. And just as your arrive, just as you see your daughter's battered, miserable body, the man blows her brains out and paints the rubble red," Antithesis finished her speech with a smile on her face. Smith's brain snapped and fizzled out; his face turned a ghastly pale shade, and his eyes glazed over. Antithesis sent a bolt of lightning in my direction that threw me to the ground, hard. She advanced on Jones, slowly. He fell to his knees and raised his gun. He pulled the trigger uselessly, the gun just clicked, the slide locked back.

My mind was racing. Too much information had been thrown at me at once, I couldn't process it all. Antithesis had somehow made contact with Midas, perhaps there was some biological programming that caused her to seek him out? Additionally, she is saying that England was going to fall? Rousseau International was invading? Antithesis flashed a smirk in my direction, apparently I had let my fear show. She stood above Smith, grinning maniacally. She had the type of smile that seemed to imply that she was mentally dismembering you. Psychotic, unhinged. Something pleasant that is ever-so-slightly off.

A loud crack echoed through the stadium. Another sniper bullet, from a different angle this time. It came from Nick's roost. The bullet ricocheted away from Antithesis at the last moment, embedding itself in the ground a few yards behind her. She looked for the source of the shot, and while she was scanning the crowd, I took my opportunity. Three shots from my revolver. Each one was deflected away, and she immediately turned her wrath on me. I told Jones to run, he didn't debate the order. A bolt of lightning cracked through the air; I feinted left, just barely dodging it. As Antithesis got angrier, she let down more and more of her already lacking inhibitions, but it seemed the rage made her less effective as well. She cast a barrage of lightning my way, but to no avail. Explosions echoed all around me, like an artillery strike, but nothing actually hit.

I blindly fired what remaining rounds I had in my revolver at her. She let loose a harsh shriek. A shot had connected leaving a clean, round hole in her left hand. She looked at the wound in shock, she watched as a drop of blood drip to the ground. And then she screamed. By this time, most of the stadium had evacuated, and a few highly confused and frightened security officers had appeared. As soon as they saw that Antithesis was not invincible, as soon as they knew she could bleed, they opened fire. She created a barrier of electricity around her. The bullets dropped to the ground, uselessly.

Antithesis had completely forgotten about me, her rage was consuming her. While she loosed her fury on the security force, I made my dash for the exit. The stadium was abandon, and apparently Antithesis had overloaded the wiring. Most lights had blown out, and those that didn't were dark and dormant. I ran for nearest exit, it was a rather significant distance away. The only light came from the moon, and Antithesis' rampage.

"Matthias!" a familiar voice called, I skidded to a stop and spun around.

"Natasha! I thought, I... how in the hell did you survive that? She blew up the box you were in."

"I ran as soon as I fired the shot, she took too long retaliating. We lost the fifty cal though, I had to drop it when I ran."

"Do you know where Nick and Smith are?" I askd.



"They took Katie, they're gone. Jones was driving, I'm willing to bet I know where they're headed."

"Son of a bitch!" I yelled, "He took the bait. He's heading right into a trap, and he's bringing Katie too. That idiot."

"Guess we're just have to catch them before Midas does, then," Natasha said. "I've already arranged some alternative transportation. Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?"

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