Oktober 24th, 2007. The day will not live in infamy. It's not going to be a national holiday. In fact, it's very likely that no one will even remember the date. It is totally and completely unremarkable save for one, small fact: Projekt Oktober began on that day. People have tried, and for the most part failed, to explain exactly what Projekt Oktober was. Criminals? Assassins? Modern-day Robin Hoods? It's quite possible that they themselves didn't even kow who they were. We, as the Editors, are supposed to keep our opinions to ourselves, and so we will. Ultimately it's up to you to decide who the four members of Projekt Oktober are, or were.

The purpose of this log is simply to preserve the words of the members of Projekt Oktober. Each member of Projekt Oktober kept a journal, it's hinted that they were required to. However, there are, certain... complications; each journal's account of every event is slightly different. Sometimes more than just slightly. For example, there is the bizarre case of the car that Projekt Oktober used for transportation, each journal agrees that yes, there was a single car, affectionately named Katie, but that is all they agree on. The make of the car, along with it's color, is different in each account. Sometimes, Katie isn't even a car. Other more acceptable deviations occur, such as conversations being slightly different depending on who is recounting it.

The strangest variation though, is the "K" which varies in color for each of the members of Projekt Oktober. Nicholas Forte colors his "K" orange, Matthias colors his green, Natasha does hers red, and "Smith" chooses to have his be blue. Additionally, they all spell Oktober as we have been, rather than the proper version with a "C". Project is spelled normally, except when coupled with Oktober, in which case it becomes Projekt Oktober. As far as we can tell, there is no purpose for this, however it's worth noting that each members specific color seems to crop up at random points, for instance, the color of each members "k" syncs with the color they say Katie is.

Rather than try to determine which account is the correct one, we are simply going to copy each member's journal exactly as they were written. We are not going to comment, we will not alter, we will not capitalize. We are just going to share with you the story of Projekt Oktober.

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